Quantum Semiconductor Electronics Lab (Hirakawa Group)


Recent News

  • Kenji Yoshida(Research Associate) received the Poster Award for his poster presentation at the 77th JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2016.

  • Dr. Ya Zhang received the Young Best Presenter’s Award at the1st Workshop, 2016, of Terahertz Wave Technologies Research Group, Japan Society of Applied Physics.

  • Ya Zhang (postdoc) will receive the young best presentation award for his excellent talk at the 37th JSAP meeting (fall 2014)(https://www.jsap.or.jp/activities/award/lecture/dai37kai.html

  • Ya Zhang (PhD candidate) received the Best Student Paper Award for his presentation entitled ”THz Spectroscopy of Sublevel Structures in Single Self-assembled InAs Quantum Dots” at International Symposium of Compound Semiconductors (ISCS2014) held for May 12-15, 2014, in Montpellier, France.

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